organise and book

Using our step by step booking process dibs allows users to pick the venue of their choice alongwith field preference. Users can pick their time slots, invite players and handle payment all from the tip of their fingers in a organized and less time consuming way.

be part of a community

Having trouble finding players before kickoff? Here's your solution. dibs users will be able to make their game public allowing you to meet new players and have them join your game. Like the players you met? Add them as a mate and create or invite them to your group for future bookings.

rate venues…

Know everything about the venue and what they offer you before you book. Users can rate venues to give feedback for other users to use as a reference for future bookings.

…and players

And knowing the players you play with is just as important, to some even more. Users can rate one another after games so that other players can have a view of their general game, including if they come on time!

register your venue

Own a Venue? Put your fields on the map for dibs users to book and pay directly. Dibs offers you access to a dashboard built specifically for owners to make the reservation process smooth,organized and safe. Owners will have a detailed and calculated view of their revenue as well as a smart calendar to stay up to date wherever you are.